Monday, 21 April 2008

In search of pizza

"Warmth is a state of mind."
"I know. I warmed the Firelord when he was cold."
"A state of mind."
It struck me, then. It was so simple, so clear, I laughed. The shock of my laugh jerked me backinto awareness. "Are you saying," I said, "that if I think about it hard enough, I can make myself warm?"
- Winter of Fire by Sherryl Jordan

Finding a place to get lunch while I'm at work (when I've been slack and not made my own) can be a little frustrating. I have my favourites but when my usual tofu wrap is all sold out or they haven't made it that day I have to go further afield. Lately I have been extremely lazy about making my own lunch (moving flats does that to you) so I have been doing some exploring.

Luckily Ponsonby has a few options, one being
Il Buco, an Italian pizza place not too far down the road from me.

You're not going to find soy cheese on any menu in New Zealand (okay, I could be wrong but since even buying soy cheese is pretty difficult and expensive I can't imagine it) but there are a couple of places that do damn fine pizza without cheese. Hell (a nationwide takeaway pizza place) is one and Il Buco is another. They always have at least 1 vegan option and sometimes up to 3 (the menu doesn't list all the pizzas they have). My favourites are the funghi (mushrooms, mushrooms and more mushrooms) and another one with a name I could never pronounce, let alone remember (long strips of capsicum, courgette, onion and more).


  1. I find if the toppings are good on a pizza, the cheese just gets in the way of the delicious veggies. =)

  2. yep, not so big on even fake cheese pizza anymore. lots of great toppings for the win!

  3. Yeah, definately toppings are what make a winning pizza.

    I guess it would be quite a novelty to have "cheese" on a pizza occasionally though!

  4. Both kinds look delicious!