Friday, 16 May 2008

In honour of Coldplay

but suddenly there it is
right in front of you
bright and vivid
quietly waiting
just as you imagined it would be.
- The Red Tree by Shaun Tan

Because it was that kind of day, I met J for lunch at the Raw Power Cafe. To start with we ordered one of their juices to share (in jumbo size as you can see). Can't remember what was in it but we both agreed it looked awful! I assure you that in fact, looks are deceiving here and it was actually very tasty.

To celebrate the release of Coldplay's latest single,
Violet Hill from their upcoming album Viva la Vida, J and I both ordered the tofu burger. According to the New Zealand Herald, when Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow were last in New Zealand they dined at Raw Power and he ordered the tofu burger as well so it seemed only fitting that we should too!

I also picked up a vegan chocolate vanilla creme to take away. It was VERY delicious. They are geniuses here!


  1. I love Coldplay! And Chris Martin is a vegetarian :o)

  2. I got my grant, and my conference paper was accepted, so I'll definitely be in Auckland in December! And I'm so totally going to that place. That dessert looks so good!!

  3. I didn't know Coldplay was releasing a new album. shows how "up to date" I am...
    needless to say I am totally jonesing for that cake.

  4. I love Coldplay's new singles. They're really growing.

    I can see why Chris Martin ordered that burger, the man knows good food!

  5. celine don't feel like you're not "up to date"...I didn't know about the new album until I got an email about it the week the new single came out...and I'm supposed to be a huge fan!