Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Anyone for a sugar rush?

Sometimes, robot, I get the horrible feeling that we live in a big ever-repeating circle where we do things because it is predicted that we will do things - all effect and no cause.
The Dark Side of the Sun by Terry Pratchett

One day I came home from work to discover a bar of raw chocolate lying on my bed! The Chef had been over during the day on dog-sitting duties and left me some as a surprise.

Nature's Gold is a New Zealand company that makes the most divine raw chocolate I've ever tasted. It's so creamy and delicious that I'd polished off the whole bar before taking a photo. Luckily (unluckily?) it's so good I went and bought another (but the empty wrapper is there on the right). If you ever see this chocolate, get it!

Another sweet treat I discovered recently was this
Fabulous Fudge Factory vegan fudge from the Safe shop on K'Rd.

To be honest I wasn't really a fan. It's been a long time since I've had fudge and I'd forgotten just how sweet it is...too sweet for me. The Chef reckoned it didn't taste that great either so I don't think I'd get it again but I am keen to try their coconut ice 'cause it reminds me of childhood school fairs.

I also got a can of soy condensed milk (supposed to be similar to sweetened condensed milk I think)...now wondering what on earth I'm going to do with it. Any ideas?


  1. make vegan rum balls??

    that chocolate looks yummmm i wish they had it in melb!!


  2. mmmm... I miss coconut ice...

  3. To be honest I can't even remember what it tastes like! But when I get some we can share it! Hmmm, perhaps I should get it before coffee tomorrow...? Of course, I could attempt to make it but that seems like too much hard work!

  4. I'm definitely going to look out for that chocolate when I return to Australia - raw chocolates are so hit and miss in my experience!

    Funnily enough, I saw that fudge just yesterday in Oxford, but decided against it because I remembered, novelty-of-dairy-free-aside, fudge is usually too sweet for me too!

  5. The raw chocolate sounds great. But I notice the description on the tops of the wrappers are different -- is 100% Raw different from just Raw?

    Andy got me vegan coconut ice for my birthday last year and it was so good. I've never had it before, vegan or non, so I don't know how it lived up to childhood memories but I was a fan.

    Could you make coconut ice with your soy condensed milk??

  6. Hi! Thanks so much for your comment, it was really nice of you!
    Your photos look beautiful and much better than mine. Look forward to reading you blog.
    Jessica xxx

  7. I wondered about the Raw and 100% Raw thing too. The website says 100% raw on its front page in big, bold text so maybe one had older packaging than the other?!

  8. make vegan macaroons!

    that chocolate looks yum! i love the Loving Earth brand too.

    and with the raw thing...if it says Raw, the chocolate should all be raw, but flavourings or additives might not be. but i religiously read labels on everything now, just to be safe.