Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Desperate for vegetables

So there is all of my tale. I cannot die until my time is come, and who can know when that is? Until then I will be alone, alone as no mere man can ever be, alone with my wretchedness and meaningless evil and self-disgust until the world collapses and is born anew..."
Child of an Ancient City by Tad Williams and Nina Kiriki Hoffman

AGES ago (as in way back in January when I was back in Christchurch...although at least we are in the same year) B and I went to the
Welcome Chinese Vegetarian Cafe for dinner. I just did a quick check and yes, it is one of the few vegetarian restaurants that have managed to open after the earthquake. So go there if you are in Christchurch because they make great food.

I can't remember anything that we ordered so you'll just have to make do with the pictures!!! It was all delicious but as usual, too much food but better too much than too little!

I have to admit that once I got home though I was really feeling the lack of vegetables in the dishes we'd chosen. Hmmm, my tastebuds have certainly changed over time!

Back up in Auckland and only a couple of weeks ago
I went to a vegetarian Indian restaurant with a couple of friends, Jai Jalaram Khaman after my flatmates raved about the place.

I ordered a thali (most options were vegan apparently) and also got some other random dish on the side that I forgot to photograph because clearly the lady serving us felt sorry for me not being able to sample on of my friend's dishes. It was good, whatever it was though! Actually, all the food was really delicious but again I came home really feeling the lack of vegetables. I think there might be something wrong with me!


  1. Ohmygosh, I can totally tell that this post was written by a chocolate egg brain. Chocolate egg brain! Look out!

    Actually, I have a serious question for you. I'm currently trying to convince myself to spend more time reading books than blog-hopping, what with the resurgence of my RSI and all, but I've been having trouble thinking of something to read. Then I remembered that I TOTALLY TRUST YOUR BOOK JUDGEMENT, so lady, what should I read? Please help me! :)

  2. Ooh, those crispy wonton thingies look really yummy. And so does everything else. I've been trying to be grown up, on the few occasions when we go out, and ordering a plate of greens or mixed veggies along with the mains, so everyone can share and get some veggie lovin. But sometimes I get swayed by exciting mock meaty things instead, because, yum!

  3. I know what you mean about the absence of veges! I always struggle with Indian and Malaysian (etc) now. Luckily there's usually something we can order to get our vege ration!

  4. To my fried food loving eye that all looks really good - especially the big pile of cashews in the claypot thing. Yum. Know what you mean about the veggie craving though, I reckon my tastebuds have changed with the vegan thing and I like stuff that tastes kind of cleaner.

  5. I love Chinese food, and meanwhile I also feel that I crave vegetables if I've eaten too few throughout the day. The plate you got in the Indian restaurant looks so good, everything in it's own little holes. :)