Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cake or death

Even in the world of today we can see how mighty powers can come apart at the seams when confronted with simple demands for peace, love, food for the poor, and amnesty for the enemies of the state.
Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder

I know, I know. Blah blah blah...

Anyway, before I race off to bed (before racing off before dawn tomorrow for the national orienteering champs in Hawkes Bay...scary!!) I thought I'd just quickly tell you something. Kris's new vegan cake book is out and it's called
have your cake and vegan too. It arrived in the mail at my parents the other day which was super exciting!! I was a tester for it so I can tell you that it is awesome. Actually, her cake recipes are pretty much the only ones I ever use.

I whipped up one I hadn't tried for my cousin's birthday last weekend, Bubbie's Chubby Tuxedo Cake. It seemed fitting after how much she adored
last year's cake (the oreos got her very excited).

As usual for Kris's recipes it was simple, reliable and worked out perfectly (well, it took a bit longer to cook in our ancient oven and my baking always seems to turn out a bit more moist...not that anyone would complain about that).

It went down a treat and my flatmates gave the leftovers I brought home 5 stars (5 michelin stars actually!). Awesome :)

Anyway, I promise to post more once life settles down and I also promise to post about my exciting (terrifying) news soon!! Oh, and if you were wondering about the title watch this.


  1. Gorgeous cake! I love multi-coloured layer cakes, and I really should make more of them.

    Enjoy your crazy busy life - at least it's not boring!

  2. Jostein Gaarder! Would you believe that just the other week, I remember him out of the blue and got really cranky that I appear to have lost all of his books that I know I've read before. I think I remember really liking The Solitaire Mystery? Anyway, again, love your literary taste :)

    And your cake taste! I've never made a layer cake in my life. Yours looks scrumptious :)

  3. how awesome does that cake look! I love the layers!