Monday, 9 August 2010

Back before dark...

We did see a lot of machine guns, but at least we didn't see any severed heads.
I'm not eating any of that foreign muck by Brian Thacker

...otherwise known as Friday in Christchurch.

If you're going to be out traipsing across the hills all day then you're going to need a big, hearty breakfast. This is where my epic porridge comes in...for the 2 of us I used 1 cup of wholegrain oats, 1 cup rice milk and 1 cup water. About halfway through cooking I added 2 heaped tablespoons of peanut butter, 2 sliced bananas and some frozen berries. Topped with golden syrup this was absolutely perfect (as we huddled next to the fire)!

So after breakfast and much debate over where we were going to go, we headed off to tackle as much of the
Crater Rim Walkway that we could before it got dark (we should have got up earlier in hindsight but holidays are for sleeping in right?). The below photo is looking down into Lyttleton Harbour from the Port Hills.

Along the way you encounter various gun emplacements and what we could only assume were once bomb shelters or something similar. The artwork on some of these was really quite fascinating...

Are you worthy of notice, observation or consideration?

We live in a free country where you are free to do nothing

B thought he'd bring his gas cooker along so lunch was really quite civilised. That morning I'd fried up some cubes of tofu and we just added that to a packet soup (
Naked Organics Thai Coconut Curry).

Ah, a hot lunch...just perfect for a beautiful, but freezing day on the hills.

This was our turnaround point since we didn't really feel like wandering in the dark. As it was, we got back with enough time but the sky was definitely well on its way to darkening.

I'm not much of a walker so I was feeling rather stiff by the end and was quite glad to curl up in the car on the way home again (it's ironic really...I could run that track and probably feel fine but when it comes to walking I just get tired!).

We were pretty hungry by then so dinner was definitely in order. We were joined by B's friend M and thought we'd check out somewhere we hadn't been before, the
Welcome Chinese Vegetarian Cafe.

As a starter for everyone we ordered the Crispy Savoury Cheeky Nuggets simply because it is such an awesome name!

We each got to pick a main dish that we would all share and I ended up choosing the Hotplate Sambal Lemon Eggplant Tofu.

M ordered this dish but I actually can't remember what it was. My main memory was that it was quite spicy but delicious.

B ordered us the Crispy Sesame BBQ Fried Rice on Hotplate which is described as BBQ Sesame sauce over Crispy protein with Nori and fried rice. Let's just say that to me that description sounds highly unappetising but it turned out to be my favourite of all the dishes. The 'crispy protein with nori' was absolutely delicious and I should have taken a cutaway photo of it 'cause it looked so cool.

Dessert is, of course, very important and I got some vegan ice cream because, well, it was on the menu and that in itself is pretty exciting.

We also got some red bean pastries to share because I love red bean. I was kind of hoping for something like the red bean pancakes I get in Auckland but it was not to be. These were still pretty good though.

Dinner (we'll definitely be coming back to this restaurant) and company was nice and all but I was quite happy to get back to B's flat and sit in front of the fire with a nice cup of tea. I'm such a nana!


  1. I really thought nothing would compare to my joy at seeing you add peanut butter to your oatmeal (is there any other way?), but those dinner dishes all look AMAZING. Crispy tofu and protein and savoury goodness...

  2. Those dishes from the restaurant look fantastic. :) I love how ever though there are so many vegan Chinese restaurants in the world, they all seem to come up with different things on the menu. I must keep this place in mind if I ever get over that way!

  3. Your recipe for oats will be making an appearance in my house tomorrow morning, it sounds so good! And the dinner looks amazing, too. This whole day sounds like my idea of a good one, actually, especially the early night part :)

  4. Ooh, that all looks lovely! And the countryside is breathtaking, what a wonderful excursion!

  5. Hannah: Well, there is always almond butter in porridge...?

    Susan: Yes, do go to this restaurant if you ever find yourself in Christchurch. I was really surprised how good it was (and get that Crispy Sesame BBQ Fried Rice on's good).

    Theresa: It is a seriously filling breakfast but perfect for a cold, busy day.

    Kris: Come to New Zealand! Scenery is spectacular everywhere (and there are no scary things in the bushes like bears and spiders and snakes and all that)!

  6. Tried your porridge - it was so yum!

  7. I love Welcome! I used to live nearby and it was definitely a regular haunt for us. The owner is so lovely and friendly, too!